Bushido Blade ~ Only by the sword can you survive.

Enter Bushido Blade

This site hopes to document all things relating to this most amazing game, Bushido Blade.
Bushido Blade was released back in 1997 to wide acclaim and has gone on to be remembered as a breakthrough for fighting games ever since, it offered several innovative additions to the fighting game genre, namely 3D environments, interactive scenery, the ability to free roam and of course the legendary one hit one kill concept that has made this game such an exciting game to play and a memory treasured by so many past gamers.



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Dave Newman BSCH Assoc is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who is committed to the promotion of good health and well being of patients. He is also committed to following the ethical guidelines of the British School of Clinical Hypnosis.

Version Control are a tight-knit 4 piece covers band providing an excellent evening's entertainment with energetic, inventive versions of a hugely varied range of Rock and Pop classics from the 60's up to the present day....with, of course, a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

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Its not about me tho is it, its about what we do, try to do or what we endeavour to try.

All im trying to do is make music for the right reason, because i want to, and that is bring you some music you can associate with or bounce ya head to.